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VSAA Class Of 2002

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[07 Apr 2005|11:03am]

i am back
i am now married
and living in wichita falls texas
my husband is over in the airforce base
in the biomedical school
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[27 Nov 2004|10:00am]

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[18 Jul 2004|03:08pm]

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[02 Mar 2004|09:47am]

Hi ...
I am floating through to find anyone in West Los Angeles, that would like to volunteer for a photo shoot. I am new in this area and it is for my photography class. I need 36 models that wouldn't mind to spend an hour or two with me, in a studio. It will take place at Santa Monica College.

I will be looking for new faces to help me out, until June.

If you think you will be interested or know anyone that would...
my email is nadi@residualstate.com

Like I said... it is basically volunteer

But I will give you prints of the shoot for helping me out. maybe coffee too :D

the assignments will all be in black and white.
Thank you
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HEY FOLKS -- CLASS OF '02 EMAILS [27 Jan 2003|12:44pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Just sitting at home chillin, I was just wonderin if anyone had somewhat of a complete list of senior emails....

Here's the one Dan Fussell sent me, got one to add, then just comment :)

LATER ALL!...............................Myndi

Louise Barney: lbarney@pdx.edu
Gordie Blair: monkie184@aol.com
Patrick Brannon: pbrannon@spu.edu
Rachel Burgess: raburgess@georgefox.edu
Myndi Campbell: PennyLane7@attbi.com
Dustin Cassedy: guedot@attbi.com
Kasey Christel: kasey722@aol.com
Dan Fussell: dfussell@u.washington.edu
Brittany Gadbury: sojjoy@hotmail.com
Jan Horjus: jancomx@yahoo.com
Joseph Kelly: josephwilliam27@yahoo.com
Chris Kramer: ciaagent23@aol.com
Jacob Morris: trauma@u.washington.edu
Becky Nemeth: beckynemeth@hotmail.com
Adi Piersol: HipHoped@juno.com
Jordan Richards: ricjor23@evergreen.edu
Lance Riley: lance_riley@popstar.com
Shannon Staley: shann52@u.washington.edu
Brandis Svendsen: trillian@musician.org
Amy Theberge: thebergeamy@aol.com
Greta Weisman: gweisman@u.washington.edu

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what what [11 Dec 2002|06:01pm]

[ mood | happy ]

finals all yall? yea, me too, last one thursday. so anyways wasup wasup yall.

merry x mas? have yall heared the beat of eve? satisfaction. its tight. wow. it has been so long sense i have been to washington. how goes it there in the northwest? sunny and seventy here.......

what what.

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VSAA CLASS OF 2002 THANKSGIVING BREAK EXTRAVAGANZA! (as Jacob is calling it) [20 Nov 2002|10:19pm]

Hey! We're trying to plan a get together for the '02 seniors over Thanksgiving break. It's going to be that Friday (the 29th) at my house at 7:00. We're asking everyone to bring a dessert or snack, like a little potluck. If you have any questions, just ask me. I hope everything is going well for all of you!

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[10 Sep 2002|10:07am]

So... remember Kim you had this idea we could use this stay in touch with everyone?

I don't know if any of you still check this, but if you do...

How's it going? Where is everyone? What are you up to?
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[13 Jun 2002|11:29pm]

I just want to say that the flower exchange was a wonderful idea... i'm so glad we did it. and how cool was it that most of the senior class was there! that was awesome.

so yeah, that was cool. i'm still a little chocked up from it, i wasn't expecting to cry. but it was cool... and that's all the words i can really say.

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[15 May 2002|11:01pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

How many days....somewhere around 20. Thats way too soon to say goodbye...

When that day does come, that will be the last time we'll see some of eachother for 10 years. By then, most of us may be married and birthing babies. How precious. *tear*

(PS. Subliminal message: Buy the video yearbook hehe)

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[30 Apr 2002|11:42pm]

[ mood | calm ]

do you ever go about the day and wander, how much am i missing out on. whats REALLY going on with all these people..or say"surly my problmes arn't that big"..and then, you hear about people and things, and things of the past and then you realize.

"damn, i was right'
and it just makes your night. like a good bath with some salts and stuff, or like a road trip, you feel good and refreshed, and you know whats going on.

i get those feelings alot, and then i get worried that it's all gonna crash back down. and someone new is gonna add me to their hit list, only i really did stop caring awhile back. so...it isn't gonna matter.

i wander along with some other girls, as to why you suddenly seem so eager to smile at the passing in the hall. it's not you, but once was.

i dunno. someimes youjsut hear about things and think. wow, my life is so smooth and dramaless. and that just makes your day. well, it has made my day. and i am ready to go.

buthe best thing is...when yer dad says "hey, i would rellylike to take you shopping, are you free for seattle this weekend?' yea, that's nice too.

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rummage sale!!! [27 Apr 2002|12:49am]

hey... the rummage sale is tomorrow (saturday) from 8-4. It would be great to have you all come by and help out... or just stop by and buy some stuff.

there's good stuff there... like furniture and such, two big brand new speakers, tons of clothes (not sure how cool they are) and other garage sale type items.

so yeah... 8-4 tomorrow... let's hope to get lots of $ to have an awesome prom...
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ey its me [19 Apr 2002|12:25am]

Excited about senior showcase!! Tight ya'll...see you there tomorrow night!
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ey its me [19 Apr 2002|12:25am]

Excited about senior showcase!! Tight ya'll...see you there tomorrow night!
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ey its me [19 Apr 2002|12:25am]

Excited about senior showcase!! Tight ya'll...see you there tomorrow night!
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[13 Apr 2002|01:18am]

so i updated the background and who doesn't need a little Jacki Chan in the morning huh?!
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whoa! [31 Mar 2002|06:02pm]

[ mood | chillin' ]

im so excited that it might be sunny here....wehw, i thought i might have to hit the tanner beds..buthen again, i might just throw a fake tanner party, what am i talkin about ?
sun.sun.sun.sun. my sun chant is gonna be just fine. can i just say that sometimes it sucks that when you find things out about people and you thought (convinced) yourself that they were cool. yea. but that's the world...and this is me sayin sianra to highschool pretty soon! oh shit. its gonna be so tight. and i am gonna piss my pamts out of pure fear of leavin' it all behind and movin on wit our bad selves. ok. im done. and now it's time to play. yikes!

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maximum security prison... [25 Mar 2002|06:11pm]

The senior sponsored dance was great!! Thank you so much to everyone who helped out... I can't believe, we actually pulled it together. Just so you all know... we made over 300 dollars... we rock!!
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What College?..no really,,what? COLLEGGE??? aaahhhhh [22 Mar 2002|07:21pm]

ok..sall, you may have heared that i got into Pepperdine..which has been the only school i have ever wanted to go to..ask me ol' pals thee no. and so now..i just wanna say that i have no idea where anyone else is going...how about yall? let us know, post it or "bring it" (comment) yea..even if you don't think wecare about it..we should all have a know about in the 02GRADcrew!
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woo hoo [20 Mar 2002|10:34pm]

sweeeeet! :)
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